insourced bookkeeping for nonprofits

At inBooks we provide excellent bookkeeping to nonprofits, relieving them of financial stress. By maintaining hands-on involvement throughout every level of the organization we produce bookkeeping and accounting that is meaningful, informative and accessible to all stakeholders.

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the board wants to see a balanced budget before the year starts, you do too.



you want to ensure you stick to your forecast so you remain in balance.

board meeting

board reporting

we don’t leave you to report to your board all on your own, we wouldn’t.



look, the bookkeeping just has to be done. someone’s gotta do it, don’t let it be you.



everyone loves being paid on time, including the government. we handle that.

employee expense management

employee expense

let’s just say we don’t use spreadsheets for this, there’s a better way.


"inBooks revolutionized our accounting procedures"

Tibi Galis, Executive Director, AIPR

"inBooks has the feel of an in-house accountant"

Jack Mayerhofer, Africa – NY Programs

"I have been using inBooks for over 5 years now. They are professional and responsive."

Davii Levine, NY-Based Event Coordinator

"They're always available by phone or email with quick response time. I have nothing but high praise for inBooks."

Yudi Marks, Happy Client #10