Don’t Trust Us!

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EmbezzlementDon’t Trust Us

That’s a pretty bold declaration, isn’t it?

But seriously, don’t trust us (until we’ve eared it).

How do we earn someone’s trust? Do you want references all the way back to my first grade teacher? Oy, that old man, I think he died of a heart attack from all the trouble I caused, let’s leave him out of this.

So how do you make decisions on whom to trust with your sensitive business information when there are stories of employee embezzlement in the news all the time? And aside from the information bookkeepers have access to, there’s the checkbook! Even if you have to sign every check – do you know what every one is for? Do you compare the checks to the bills? I hope you don’t, because then you would essentially be doing the bookkeeping job and you definitely don’t want to be doing that, right?

Well, fingerprinting, background-checking, reference-calling are all fine methods but we’re in the 21st century now and there are even better methods.

We don’t ask our clients to trust us at all.

What’s The Alternative?

Don’t trust us, we can pay your bills, collect payments from your customers, run your payroll, reconcile your bank and credit card accounts all without a power of attorney or signing rights on your bank accounts!

We start with the premise that everything we do must be fully transparent and owned by the business owner, rather than by us.

One of the first things we have every client do is give us read-only access to their bank accounts, most big banks allow you to add additional users and customize the permissions – we don’t want any permissions other than to see transactions and download bank statements.

Next we set them up in our bill pay system. We pay client bills through which sends an email to the check signer (you) with a list of bills awaiting payment, you log into, looks over the bills, clicks “Approve” (or not, as the case may be) and we then issue the checks directly from when the time is right.

We cannot issue a check for something until you approve it. also has powerful reporting and audit trails (that’s accountant speak for the crumb trails mice leave behind when stealing food). Images of every bill every check sent out from are available for review forever.

Internally we share customer-related passwords using LastPass, the industry leader in secure password management.

Finally we’re insured against errors and omissions, which means that even if we somehow break through the safety walls erected around us, you can always sue us; we’re not your brother’s girlfriend, your old neighbor or great-aunt Sue.

In Conclusion:

So don’t trust anyone, hire us!