Human Forecasters

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From the start, we have believed that humans are better forecasters than machines. We built our entire budgeting platform on that idea, we trained our clients in this model, we spend a considerable amount of time every week listening to our clients and converting their spoken plans into forecasted numbers. On the other hand, millions of dollars are spent every … Read More

Upcoming Talk: The Budget Paradox

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We are excited to announce that we have partnered with GrantSpace, a service of Foundation Center to deliver a lunchtime talk in Cleveland. In this talk we will address a paradox we have observed in our budgeting work: organizations spend an inordinate amount of time every year preparing annual budgets, they show them to their boards then put them away in … Read More

Budgeting Workshop in Venice

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Venice We talk a lot about the importance of budgeting and its central place in an organization’s finances. The budget is the hub of the wheel, reconciling the force of the forecasts with the reality of the events as they happen on the ground.  A client recently flew me to Venice, Italy to join their staff retreat. The reason for … Read More

Is A Scarcity Mindset Bad?

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When A Scarcity Mindset Is Bad “They work with a scarcity mindset”, this guy sitting next to me in Starbucks said. It was clear that to him this is a bad thing. Working with a scarcity mindset is usually considered a bad thing: the sufferer conserves, cannot engage in long-term thinking, gets territorial, and basically finds themselves in a bad … Read More


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What Is Insourced? People (rightfully) want to know, what is “insourced”, I mean, it’s right there in our tagline, it should mean something, right? Right. And it does. Look, if it were in the dictionary it might look something like this: insource [in-sawrs, ‐sohrs] verb (used with object), insourced, insourcing. (of a company or organization) to purchase (goods) or subcontract (services) from an inside supplier or source. to contract in (jobs, services, etc.): a small business that insources bookkeeping to an accounting firm. As an accountant, my work is circumscribed by GAAP and … Read More

Taming Nonprofit Budgeting

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How Accountants Relate To Budgeting While in graduate school for my accounting degree I had to give a speech on why I want to be an accountant. I began my presentation by saying “I love the art and science of organizing–” but my professor interrupted me before I could finish my thought. He didn’t want to hear lofty ideas; he wanted … Read More