The inBooks Promise

The inBooks promise is that you will receive superior bookkeeping that is seamless, frictionless, integrated, and embedded. Clients get more access, more information, and simplified bookkeeping in a service model in which we stand behind your brand, your communications, and your company, as if we were on your staff. With our fine talent and leading technology, inBooks sets you up for success!

The inBooks Process

For nonprofit directors or boards who have decided to invest in the inBooks promise for seamless essential bookkeeping, our simple process looks like this:

When you need established, sophisticated services for your ongoing nonprofit bookkeeping, inBooks has the technical prowess to assemble your bookkeeping into a manageable, organized and competent asset for your company. You save on costly mistakes, expensive in-house staff, and ineffective outsourced services when you sign up with inBooks for long-term, frictionless service and support.

The inBooks Difference

When you contract with inBooks, we don’t offer a typical outsourced solution where you turn over all of your accounting to a provider and lose touch with your business. Instead, we offer a remote insourced solution like no other that is completely integrated and yet allows us to stand behind your brand. How we do it involves a variety of successful software technologies and a team of experts that manage your bookkeeping tasks and challenges at every level.