accounts payable

embedded accounts payable means that we are in direct communication with your vendors. if there’s a question on a bill, we call them, from your phone number! our partnership with allows you to view and approve your bills before we pay them—and it allows us to pay them without being a signer on your account

what we offer

the inBooks accounts payable plan provides small and midsize nonprofits organized and competent services for:

  • check signing
  • payment of business expenses
  • full accounts payable control
  • 1099s issued at year-end

you can fully manage your accounts payable without ever signing another check again. we’ll get it all set up and take care of the heavy lifting for you

how it works

when you have signed enough checks for a lifetime and you are ready to focus on bigger business challenges, making the inBooks choice is so easy


call or email us for an accounts payable consultation



an inBooks professional will contact you to set up a time and place to understand more about your organization and your current system for accounts payable


we establish account accessibility, set up a account, and give you dashboard access for all communication that takes place


now that you’re established with inBooks, we work together to ensure your accounts payable is managed for the long term