accounts receivable

insourced accounts receivable means we’re directly in touch with your customers for bill payments, and we know just how to reach them. we set up your business to take credit cards or checks over the phone, and we collaborate with you to apply payments to the correct invoices on incoming deposited checks. let’s just say, we get the details managed for you

what we offer

the inBooks accounts receivable plan provides small and midsize nonprofits organized and competent services for:

  • issuance of invoices
  • collection of customers’ & grantors’ incoming payments
  • credit card & ach payment management

your accounts receivable becomes a seamless and transparent task, one that you won’t even know you are completing. the unfortunate task of collecting payments doesn’t have to hurt

how it works

when you are ready to turn over the no fun task of bill collecting, inBooks is ready to establish your systems and get it done


call or email us for an accounts receivable consultation



an inBooks professional will contact you to set up a time and place to understand more about your organization and your current system for accounts receivable


we establish account accessibility, set up a QuickBooks Online account, and give you dashboard access for all communication that takes place


now that you’re established with inBooks, we work together to ensure your accounts receivable is managed for the long term