budgeting & forecasting

for nonprofit directors who are serious about the future, inBooks offers an exclusive white glove service that takes into consideration the history, current state, and most importantly the future of your organization. it’s a simple concept. reconciling accounts is managing what happened in the past. managing accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and sales tax are taking place in the present. budgeting and forecasting is the art and science of smoothing out the road ahead before we get there. this is a process in which inBooks works with clients one-on-one to project future cash flow and budgets to make sure there is always money in the bank

what we offer

with inBooks budgeting and forecasting service, we engage all of your key staff in a hands-on collaborative process. this service is not for everyone, as it takes some effort on your part. we have your team participate in a 12-week simulation process that allows inBooks to really look ahead into your crystal ball in a weekly granular format for every accounting category and program to find out exact details that pertain to your organization. we evaluate the details and produce an interactive Excel spreadsheet that we update weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to answer ultimate questions about your future balances. together, we review your data over a Skype conference and make recommendations for the future of your business

how it works

when you want to take control of your future, inBooks has a solid solution to get you there. don’t wait another day to gaze into your crystal ball for the truth


call or email us for a budgeting and forecasting consultation



an inBooks professional will contact you to set up a time and place to understand more about your organization


we begin a 12-week simulation process with your staff to review in minute detail your cash flow patterns and your programming plans


you will be amazed at the results, and we provide you with the reporting and counseling you need to change your nonprofit for success