employee expense management

competent employee expense management means inBooks establishes an account using a cutting-edge software tool called Tallie, and you and your employees will be satisfied with its simplicity, expedient reimbursements, and a comprehensive record of business travel and expenses

what we offer

the inBooks employee expense management system provides small and midsize nonprofits embedded and organized services for:

  • employee expense review
  • employee corporate credit card expense approval
  • employee expense reimbursements

you really can handle employee reimbursements like a boss, without lifting a finger. inBooks provides proven and seamless solutions for employee expense management

how it works

when you’ve done enough sifting through employee expenses in Excel, receipts stuffed in envelopes, and senseless notes in emails—call inBooks. there’s a better way.


call or email us for an employee expense management consultation



an inBooks professional will contact you to set up a time and place to understand more about your organization and your current employee expense management system


we establish account accessibility, set up a Tallie account, and give you dashboard access for all communication that takes place. we train and support your staff  on Tallie


now that you’re established with inBooks, we work together to ensure your employee expenses are managed well into the future